Hot glass meets traditional photography

As an interdisciplinary artist I incorporate the glass I make in the hotshop in my darkroom processes. By utilizing the material qualities of glass – transparency, distortion, and refraction – I can create unique silver gelatin prints and cyanotypes that capture the sublime and the unseen. Due to the nature of my process, my “vitreos” are one of a kind pieces. 

Blowing Glass for the darkroom

Each glass plate used in my vitreos starts as a mass of 1200 degree Celsius. After dipping a hollow steel pipe into a furnace of glass, I inflate a bubble and add optical texture. The piece has its axis switched so I can open the shape and spin it out into its final form. Hot-blown glass has to slowly cool to room temperature over a period of 12-18 hours. Afterward, it is polished and brought into the darkroom to create my signature vitreos.